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Welcome to new_spira!!

This community is a new RP based off of the world of Spira from the videogame Final Fantasy X and X-2. Here you will get to choose any type of anime character and RP them as if they lived in Spira.

spira_archives: The RP log
comm_sphere: Alerts, notices, information...
silent_fayth: Petition the Fayth of Spira
our_guerdon: Villains' comm. Ordinary characters banned.
xiii_order: Organization XIII comm. Org. members only.
spira_npc: NPC journal
fayth_npc: Fayth NPC journal

We'll look forward to having you join!! ^w^

NOTICE: Right now we are specifically in need of people to play Ronso and Guado characters, as well as Fayth and members of our_guerdon. Please keep this in mind while making your character selection, and we will love you forever if you manage to come up with one. ♥

Aya revenantsoulx3
Kendra halfling_rogue
Kate lunarwolf2002


After Shuyin used Vegnagun and the had it destroyed by the girls of Final Fantasy X-2, peace was once again brought to Spira. However, unbeknownst to everyone, a new terror was arising. Though Sin was defeated two years ago, a new Sin--Sudit--has been reborn as a penalty for the wars of Spira and the use of Vegnagun. The leaders of New Yevon, the Youth League, and the Machine Faction immediately started recruiting more people in preparation for the strategy and battle. Then, Summoners were asked to return and start pilgrimages once again. And so our story begins…


☆ NO FLAMING. This and rule number to are strictly enforced. We will not tolerate for anyone who flames another's character.
☆ Please stay in character.
☆ No god-modding.
☆ Update at least twice a week unless you have a reason not to.
☆ ALL AL BHED: You may only speak Al Bhed a certain number of times in your journal. We will provide a translator, however, everyone must be able to understand you. So keep it to a minimum.
☆ You may have up to 4 characters. No more unless stated otherwise. If you want another character, please feel free to drop one and take another available one. Only one of each character type, as in, you can't RP two Al Bhed or three Guardians.
☆ This comm is Het, Yaoi, Yuri, whatever friendly. However, if you are a closed minded person who cannot tolerate that, please keep it to yourself and don't flame others that do.
☆ Summoners may have up to 4 guardians and a minimum of one. No more, no less. If you're a Summoner in need of a Guardian, put up a notice on the main comm.


Allowed Character Races
Spiran: The greatest part of the population of Spira, Spirans can be found inhabiting virtually any part of Spira south of Mount Gagazet and east of Bikanel Island.
Al Bhed: The "heretic" race of Bikanel Island, the Al Bhed have their own language and culture of machina, and were formerly hated by the Yevonites for their attempts to stop the Pilgrimages of Summoners who went to sacrifice themselves to stop Sin. Now they are more commonly accepted by the world at large, and can be found all over Spira introducing the use of machina--particularly at Djose temple, where the Al Bhed Gippal heads the Machine Faction.
Ronso: The catlike warrior race of Mount Gagazet, very little is known about the Ronso race, other than they have a complicated hierarchy and are rarely seen outside of their mountain tribes. However, a surprising amount of Ronso--usually young males and females on their journey to prove themselves as warriors, or older tribe exiles--can be found serving as bodyguards or Guardians, or playing on blitzball teams in Luca.
Guado: The nearly reptilian-like race of Spira, once the guardians and inhabitants of Guadosalam, and now scattered to the far corners of the continent. Nearly extinct, still despised and reviled--mostly due to the savage and genocidal attacks made by Maester Seymour Guado, particularly against the Ronso--they often stay far away from any major cities and most villages.
Fayth: The Fayth are no longer confined to uphold the existence of Yu Yevon's dream Zanarkand, or to answer to the demands of the Yevonite priests. As a result, there is now a surplus of Fayth taking up stations throughout Spira, and Summoners may petition them to join them as Aeon partners. Some Fayth wish to save Spira, and others seem indifferent and may refuse to help. If you wish to play a Fayth, you may apply here. A list of existing Fayth may be found here.
Hypello: A froglike race native to southern Spira, Hypellos often speak Spiran with a slurred accent, and are most often found as shoopuf drivers or traders.

Allowed Character Occupations
Guardian: Warriors sworn to protect Summoners on their Pilgrimage to petition the Fayth. A Summoner rarely has more than two Guardians, although more is not unheard of. (We are in need of more Guardians for the game.)
Summoner: People of Spira with the ability to summon the Fayth and to Send the pyrefly spirits of the dead on to the Farplane. Often travel with Guardians for their protection. Among the famous (and infamous) Summoners of Spira are Yuna, Seymour Guado, Braska, and the Lady Yunalesca.
Trader: People who either travel along Spira or set up shop in one of the greater cities to sell and trade their wares, traders can deal in anything from weapons to items to chocobos to dress spheres to small machina.
Sphere Hunter: Adventurers who travel over the length of Spira in search of various spheres, usually old ones with historical events recorded on them.
Blitzer: Athletes of Spira, blitzers are most often found in Luca, which boasts Spira's only Blitzball stadium.
Faction Member: You can be a member of one of Spira's Three Factions: New Yevon, the Youth League, or the Machine Faction.
Yevonite: A practitioner of Spira's oldest religion, that reveres the Fayth and the legendary figure of Yu Yevon. Yevonites are typically divided into two categories: New Yevonites (who followed the faction started by the Praetor Baralai), and traditional or protestant Yevonites. Yevonites may be true believers, or the remains of the corrupt priesthood that attempted to confine Spira and its Summoners to the "Spiral of Death".
Performer: Performers are artists who can often be found in the large cities of Luca and Besaid, the amusement parks of the Calm Lands, or the theatres of the Moonflow. Tobli is a well-known performer of the Moonflow.
Acolyte: People who live in the temples of the Fayth in order to maintain their upkeep and perform offerings in the name of the people.
Guerdon rebel: We are in need of Guerdon members for the game, and only Yevonite, Al Bhed, Ronso, or Guado characters may apply. The application form is here.
Other: There are several other occupations you may choose, so be creative! If you wish to do something like pilot an airship, however, please consult the mod first.


Locations with a ° can be chosen for residence.

★ Besaid Island°
★ Kilika Island°
★ Luca°
★ Mi'ihen Highroad
★ Mushroom Rock Road
★ Djose
★ Moonflow
Salamis° (Guado only)
★ Guadosalam
★ Farplane
★ Macalania° (Guado only)
Couce Bay°
★ Bikanel Island°
★ Bevelle°
★ Calm Lands
★ Cavern of Stolen Fayth
★ Mount Gagazet° (Ronso only)
★ Zanarkand Ruins
★ Baaj Temple
★ Omega Ruins


New members read this first. The full character contact list is in the community's Memories.

Apply here. For Guerdon members and Fayth, use the according form.

Your Name:
Your AIM, MSN, Yahoo:
Your Character's Name:
Character's Type/Race:
Character's Starting Location:
Character's Background:
[What is your character's history in the world of Spira? Be creative!]
Sample Journal Post:


Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strifeformofheaven (played by fufuberrysoda)
Elenagoonsterdance (played by nekohitori)
Kadajsoubachild (played by kandikatt)
Red XIIIcosmomemoryxiii (played by aisuyoukai)
Renocrazynightstick (played by aisuyoukai)
Ruderudegesture (played by corndogs)
Sephirothgift_of_despair (played by cherry_cupcakes)
Vincent Valentinevforvalentine (played by cherry_cupcakes)
Yazookaasans_brood (played by xvangelicyoukai)
Yuffie Kisaragiobscure_hunter (played by hagane_bean)

Final Fantasy VIII
Rinoa Heartillyenraptured_one (played by meleth_galad)
Selphie Tilmittseiphie (played by sirens_kiss)
Squall Leonheartgunblade_heart (played by cavalcanti)
Quistis Trepechained_whip (played by glasskey14)

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Lennesingersummoner (played by spirasongstress)
Shuyinthrenodist (played by halfling_rogue) (Adoption)
Tidusnot_sudit (played by halfling_rogue)
Yunasummoners_dance (played by revenantsoulx3)

Alice 19th
Frey Weilhausenlotisguardian (played by revenantsoulx3)

Hsien-kokuangsi (played by minilovely)

Devil May Cry
Dante Spardadevils_do_cry (played by smiling_evil)
Spardathedarkknight23 (played by devilgrl777)

Dynasty Warriors
Sun Cethelilconqueror (played by aisuyoukai)

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Mio Amakuramio_amakura_999 (played by lucifers_touch)

Fruits Basket
Tohru Hondashine_forever (played by warpedbeing)

Shuichi Shindoupink_summoner (played by lunarwolf2002)

Texnameisnoone (played by nekohitori)

House M.D. (tv)
Housenotso_house (played by kandikatt)
James Wilsonwilsonexceptnot (played by dibmagician)

Invader Zim
Dibshort_summoner (played by dibmagician)
Membraneguardian_mask (played by dibmagician)

Kingdom Hearts I/II/Chain of Memories
Axelredchakram (played by ignitible)
Xigbardemibullet (played by ba_chan)

Hatake Kakashibesaid_ninja (played by dibmagician)
Shino Aburamesilenceofthebug (played by warpedbeing)
Kiba Inuzukaloyaltyandpride (played by igivegubshugs)
Uzumaki Narutofox_summoner (played by kitsune_fire)

School Rumble
Tenma Tsukamotonomoredaifuku (played by pariah164)

Shaman King
Yoh Asakurashamanic_focus (played by halfling_rogue)

Soul Calibur
Siegfried Schtauffencalamity_fall (played by minilovely)

Trinity Blood
Duo Iqus/Bartholomaoissilentx_soldier (played by a_songfor_xx)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Fai D. Flowrightfaiisaflirt (played by fufuberrysoda)
Kuroganecursed_puppy (played by kandikatt)

Chaos (Yeshua)xxlunarxxsealxx (played by lunarwolf2002)

Watanuki Kimihiromisery_is_me (played by corndogs)

Seto Kaibadragon_summoner (played by liar_xx)


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